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Fun with Sorting

Sort in the Box

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2-5 YEARS | 1-2 Players

Classroom, Learning at home

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    Chalk and Chuckles-Sort in the Box-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Sort in the Box-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles Preschool Learning Toy Chalk and Chuckles Sort in the Box Preschool Activity toy Chalk and Chuckles-Sort in the Box-Educational Games and Toys

    The Details

    Sort in the Box is a best-selling educational game. An Award-winning Game Play - Tillywig Toy Awards BRAIN CHILD Winner. Great Montessori toys for toddlers. The intelligent design promotes progressive play.

    An Early Educational toy recommended by Montessori teachers. Our attractive 4 slots sorting toy makes learning fun. Sort 60 objects across 12 different categories - animal classification, shapes, and visual patterns. Includes a Self-correcting answer guide.

        How to Play?

        Place the box in front of you and place the category cards in the slit on the box. You could choose among 3 concepts
        Option 1: Animals (animals on land, air, water and land & water)
        Option 2: Shapes (objects that are circle, triangle, square or star)
        Option 3: Perceptual features (objects that have vertical or horizontal shape, small or big polka dots)

        Each option is further divided into 4 categories.
        Sort the tiles into the different boxes- building vocabulary skills with every match. Just drop each tile into the box where it belongs according to the category marker placed on the top. Open the roofs to retrieve the tiles when you’re done.

        Progressive Sorting- Start with asking children to sort between 2 categories and then move to 3 or 4. See your child become a master problem solver as you mix up the category cards. Sorting & classification is a core Math and Science skill and an important concept for preschool education.

        Extend the learning with our versatile sorting box: Let children sort objects around the house in the box & come up with their own categories!

        What's in the Box?

        A 4 compartment wooden sorting box with sturdy construction, 12 Category cards, 60 Object tiles, 1 Answer key

        Product Specifications

        Box measures (cm): ‎11.5 x 31 x 8.5

        Weight (g):800


        An engaging toy that promotes exploration & discovery. Children develop skills through thoughtful and logical play all while having fun!


        Preschoolers will develop Problem Solving, Critical Logical Thinking, Observation, and Decision-Making Skills. Build vocabulary with every match and fine motor skills. Reduces screen time, stimulates active engagement & imagination.


        An award-winning educational toy that has been loved by parents, teachers, and children alike for years. A classic toy that has been reinvented keeping in mind the needs of children of the 21st century. We promise that your little ones will find genius ways of using the box in their FREE PLAY!


        We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase from Chalk and Chuckles. If we do not meet your expectations in either quality or design, please contact our customer service.


        We make our products from recycled board & print with non-toxic Soy inks. We try to minimise the use of plastic in our packaging. We are now striving to reduce our box sizes. Smaller boxes means less emissions, less packaging & a lower carbon footprint.


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        Each of our games has the POTENTIAL to bring out the best in every child. Play to your strengths or play to build new strengths, we've got a game for everyone. You are what you play!

        Join us in the playful revolution of raising the next generation of leaders. Leaders who are not only smart & intelligent but also care about the COMMON GOOD and the world we live in! Our games reflect our commitment to family, community, cooperation, diversity, and empathy.

        We are committed to creating sustainable, safe, and non-toxic toys that meet all the Indian & International quality standards. We care about the products we deliver to you, and equally about the world we all live in. Our products are designed with such care that they can be passed on and used repeatedly.

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