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A Dinosaur Game and Puzzle

Smart Sticks- Dinosaurs

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7-99 YEARS | 1-4 Players

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    Chalk and Chuckles-Smart Sticks- Dinosaurs-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Smart Sticks- Dinosaurs-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Smart Sticks- Dinosaurs-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Smart Sticks- Dinosaurs-Educational Games and Toys

    The Details

    An exciting & engaging game with great content that will be enjoyed by all ages - from 6 to 99! A must-have for all kids. Learn fun facts about 60 Dinosaurs of the World in a new way with games that you are already familiar with – Charades, Trivia, and Guess Who. We've got the performers, quiz lovers, and communicators covered. There’s more; turn the sticks around and complete a unique Dinosaurs of the World Map Puzzle.


    How to Play?

    Take turns to spin the spinner for the colour. Pick out the coloured stick. Get others to guess the answer.
    1. Charades-Act out the meaning of the Dino names. Get others to guess.
    2. Guess Who-Give 3 clues
    3. Trivia-MCQ, Trivia, and True or False
    The first player to win 5 sticks is the winner.

    What's in the Box?

    A beautiful cylindrical tube with a spinner.
    60 Smart Sticks. A unique puzzle of Dinosaurs of the World on the reverse side (54 cm X 28.5 cm)

    Product Specifications

    Box measures (cm): 8 x 8 x 15

    Weight (g):296


    A smart way to play & have fun for the whole family! Pick out a SMART STICK and get your kids, friends, and family thinking, laughing, and guessing! Great for family games night, or car journeys.


    Smart Sticks makes for a great gift and return gift option for kids ages 6+ Smart Packaging with smart content.


    A super fun way to learn about Dinosaurs of the World from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. Builds Communication, Scientific Thinking and Problem Solving.


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    Each of our games has the POTENTIAL to bring out the best in every child. Play to your strengths or play to build new strengths, we've got a game for everyone. You are what you play!

    Join us in the playful revolution of raising the next generation of leaders. Leaders who are not only smart & intelligent but also care about the COMMON GOOD and the world we live in! Our games reflect our commitment to family, community, cooperation, diversity, and empathy.

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    Chalk and Chuckles Stepping Stones Game. Inspiring the next generation of leaders from the games they play today.
    Chalk and Chuckles Games, Puzzles and toys. Quality you can trust for repeated play. Safe and eco friendly.