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Funny Math Game

Long Legs

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6-9 YEARS | 2-4 Players

Family Game Nights, Playdates, Classrooms, Homeschool

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Chalk and Chuckles-Long Legs-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Long Legs-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Long Legs-Educational Games and Toys Chalk and Chuckles-Long Legs-Educational Games and Toys

The Details

The cute little Monsters are just waiting to grow. Slide them up or down, and there you go! Long Legs is a fun family STEM educational game of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Math concepts. Teaches mathematical language, and early math concepts of double, greater than, less than, odd, and even. Super easy to learn and play. 

Long Legs is a great gift for kids that promotes fun with learning. Children will develop thinking skills, Decision-making and Problem-solving. Promotes social interaction and healthy competition. 

How to Play?

One game, many ways to play!
- Play a simple game of Addition or Subtraction.
- Roll the number die.
- Add the number and move the slider up on the number line for an addition game. The first player to reach 50 wins the game.
- Subtract the number and move the slider down on the number line for a subtraction game. The first player to reach 0 wins the game.
An addictive race for kids!

- Play a Wild Strategy Card Game
- Open a card and roll the die.
- Use the card and the number rolled to solve the math puzzle.
- Move your monster to the correct answer on the number line to win the card.
The player with the maximum cards wins the game.

What's in the Box?

2 Wooden number dice, 4 Wooden Rulers with sliding monsters, 24 cards, Game guide.

Product Specifications

Box measures (cm): 31.5 x 12.7 x 5

Weight (g):488


Add joy, subtract fear, and multiply concentration with this interactive, fast paced number slide (1-50) game. Multiple game plays. Great for kids age 6 and up


We pride ourselves in helping families and friends unplug and bond- building values and developmental skills. Best educational gifts for children.


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