Fostering a love for books and reading. Why encouraging kids to read is critical for their development.


The importance of reading and books in our lives is a given. As parents we all realise how important it is for our kids to read. Schools and teachers are constantly pressing home the need for children to read.

Besides the knowledge and information it arms you with, a reading habit is a great way to make use of your time even while enjoying yourself. Books also teach you the crucial ability to be by yourself. A life lesson needed by ours and our little one’s over stimulated generation.

You must start early and catch them young if you want to turn your kids into readers for life.

It’s Never too Early

It is never too early to introduce books in a child’s life. There are brightly illustrated cloth books available for months old babies to get an introduction to books. As parents you should start reading out loud to your babies. The sound of a parents voice is reassuring and it is an initiation into story time for both parents and children.


Setting a time aside, even 15 minutes to read a book out loud to your child is a very effective habit to make kids love books and stories. As a parent child activity reading is an excellent example of quality time.

Reading a story to them just before bedtime, is a great way for turning down for the day too. Kids begin to associate reading with relaxation when they read before going to sleep.

Visit the Library

Introduce your kids to libraries, which have a variety of books and topics to catch your child’s interest. It’s a great activity to do with them where you explore books together and choose something to read. Borrowing a book teaches them the responsibility of looking after the book, finishing it in time and returning it.

Lead by example

Some of the most important learning for children happens through observation. They pick up things when they see role models like their parents or peers do things. If your child sees you read regularly, keep books on your bedside table or living room they understand that books are an integral part of your home and family. Kids are more likely to want to read if they see people around them doing so.

Reading should be Fun

Don’t make reading a chore! If you want your kids to read it should be fun and exciting for them. While it’s great to widen their horizons with different types of books and topics, let them choose what they want to read. Show excitement when they want to discuss a book with you. You should be interested in their choices and what they are reading.

Create a Reading Space

Together with your child you can make a dedicated reading space in your house and make it special. Let your child make a reading corner with some colourful cushions, maybe with a stuffed toy or two and keep their favourite books there to get comfortable and read.

It's true when they say books are your friends for life. Encouraging a love for books and reading is one of the best things you can do for your children. Begin now!

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